My name is Laura, I’m 20 years old from Glasgow. On the 1st September 2016 I’m travelling to Miami to then move into my apartment in Palm Beach Gardens. This blog is to share my journey  – fitness, moving country, career developments, beauty and travelling tips, and my American adventure.

I’m moving to Florida for a Front Of House Food and Beverage internship at Admirals Cove Country Club. After graduating HND Events Management in June 2016 the opportunity of doing an American internship came to me through BSG Interns – only available to hospitality/events students due to visa conditions – and it seemed perfect with nothing to hold me back in Scotland then I interviewed for it and was successful. Hopefully I can encourage others to do similar through this blog as although it is intimidating it is an incredible opportunity.


Any questions or suggestions then contact me via Snapchat or Instagram.

Instagram: youre_aslavetomoney_thenyoudie

Snapchat: whatawaster