New York City

Hi guys, some of you might know that I recently moved to Connecticut after completing my 8 months in Florida! So I decided to make my first trip to NYC to say my final goodbyes to two of my old roommates who were flying back to Austria.

I arrived in Grand Central station very intimated- big city and all that! – and someone grabbed me to try and steal my handbag. It was not a good way to start my trip so I wouldn’t recommend females to travel alone as I was a wee bit shook up by it!! But luckily my hotel was in Times Square and it was a lovely area to be in so I felt safe once I got to my hotel. New York City is such a big and beautiful place with so much to offer so two days really wasn’t long enough to see everything but it was so good to see my girls again! We went to the Brooklyn bridge, Little Italy, Chinatown, Times Square and Soho. I’m looking forward to doing more tourist things next time I go as I mainly shopped, ate and drank! I can’t wait to go back!

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So stay posted for more info on NYC 🗽🍎


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