America Vs UK

So this month it’s all about the American experience you have whilst completing your internship compared compared to that you would gain whilst doing placement within the Uk. Personally I can’t advise with this because I’m not at university I graduated college studying Events Management and instead of beginning 3rd year entry to uni I came out here to do an internship at Admirals Cove country club in the banquets department. So I never took part in a placement year as such or know of anyone else’s placement experience for this industry back home.

It is a big decision to move to America for a year with no family or long time friends and it isn’t something you should decide on impulse. It can be scary but you’re only young once and it’s best to experience it whilst you’re young! I’m so glad I came out to Jupiter to live and work I can’t imagine what it would be like at home instead of Florida. I love Glasgow and all my family and friends but it’s important to remember that’ll all still be there when you go home!

But I can tell you the benefits of doing an internship at a country club in America! The benefits are:┬áLearning about new cultures, history, religion, and politics. An example of this would be that I live with four Austrian girls so I hear them speak German often and try to pick up little words. I’ve also learned about the different tribes and traditions in South Africa.

You learn how to be fully independent as you have to rely on yourself more as you have no more Mum and Dad doing everything for you! To me this is a bonus as it makes you appreciate them so much more!!

You have such amazing travelling opportunities on your doorstep with NYC, Cali, Bahamas, Key West, Cuba, Miami, Everglades, Mexico & South America as well as the Caribbean and Canada. Once I complete my internship in FL I’ve booked to go to Disneyworld for 4 days before going to NY and before flying home going to Cancun. These trips are far cheaper doing it from the states than the UK so it’s crazy not to tick some things off the bucket list!

You gain an understanding of how fortunate we are back home in terms of health care, education and in politics/legislation. I think one word sums up what I mean: Trump!!

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