Team Banquets

So this month’s blog post is all about what to expect from your country club! Every club is different of course but the responsibilities and duties will stay the same.

I work in banquets in Admirals Cove and I love it. It puts my knowledge and experience to use and I’m learning how to communicate with the members and guests. Due to working in banquets we have different events on all the time – from weddings, meetings, member events, golf events, bar + bat mitzvahs, memorials, internal training events, anniversary parties and birthday parties. Some weeks can be quiet – nature of the business don’t worry! – but our managers are great that they still give us our 40 hours every week.

I love the nature of events and the opportunity to experience new things and learn. I find restaurant work too routine. But it truly is the work force that makes the job what it is. Your duties such as side station work and ‘shopping’ for silverware (stealing from other departments) isn’t always very exciting but with my banquet girls there it’s always a laugh.

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