Cultural trips

Hi guys,

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I’m going to make a list for you of the cultural trips I’ve been on and what I’ve still to do and give you some tips if I can!

So far I’ve been to Miami, Fort Lauderdale, the South Florida fair and Universal studios. Due to money and always working/friends with people mainly in the same department then it’s hard to do as many trips as I’d like so I’d recommend doing essentials before you begin work.

From my experience here’s some tips for you:

  • Have emergency funds cause Florida isn’t cheap especially the tourist destinations!!
  • Always leave early to make the most of the day
  • Don’t go light on the sun screen – as a Scot I found this out the hard way!
  • Bring two change of clothes and makeup/makeup wipes for Universal cause there are water rides – which you’ll go on a lot to cool down

Cultural things I’ve still to do are:

  • Florida keys day trip cruise
  • Disney world
  • Bahamas
  • Miami Heat basketball game
  • Different areas of Miami + Fort Lauderdale
  • Paddleboarding at Jupiter Inlet
  • Rapids water park

Once I’ve done these things then I’ll let you all know how I get on!

There is a lot of Latin culture in Florida – restaurants, bars and salsa clubs. I tried my first experience at salsa dancing and absolutely loved it and have tried Brazilian comfort food. In Scotland there isn’t much Latin culture so I really enjoyed getting to see something different and I’d definitely recommend it!