The holidays

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Happy holidays everyone! Spending Christmas in Florida- which was my first Christmas completely without my family- was really difficult. I always try to be as honest as I can in my blog so I’m going to tell you my honest opinion on how I found it.

Thanksgiving I had to work so I didn’t get to celebrate it but it was nice to see so many families coming together to celebrate. Work, however, was very busy! Thanksgiving wasn’t what I’d imagined: I pictured fall colours and winter vibes but I live in Florida so it was sunshine and palm trees.

For Christmas I found it – and am still finding it – really difficult being away from all my family and friends. I miss going Christmas shopping (postage costs a fortune to send to the uk!!), wearing winter clothes and getting into the festive spirit with my family and friends. In Florida it is always hot so it doesn’t feel like Christmas at all. My best friend and I decided to cook a roast chicken dinner and get as close to our traditional British dinner as we could! That really helped me to feel better as watching your friend remove giblets from a chicken whilst drinking a gin & tonic is the funniest/most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. We never done a secret Santa as we left it too late and we were all working crazy schedules but I think it’s a nice idea. I got a Christmas parcel from home which was really lovely. Inside was a Scotland tshirt, Scotland coasters and keyring and a Glasgow teddy. See a theme here? As well as clothes, jewellery and my Gran’s Christmas tree fairy all the way from Scotland which she’s had since I was a baby. The parcel made me feel closer to home and I did struggle with the home sickness but everyone’s in the same position.

It really helped me being in a team with international managers as they understand how hard it is and can offer advice. Also team banquets are my American family and the patter and daily laughs with them make work so much easier!



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