Admirals Cove Country Club

I first started my employment at Admirals Cove on the 7th September and there are 5 departments within F&B you can choose to work in – banquets, Blu restaurant (fine dining), Marina Cafe (casual dining and bar), The Fairway Restaurant at Golf Village (fine dining) and the Card Rooms.

Banquets is my home department and I absolutely love it. There’s a different event daily and a great chance to broaden your banquets knowledge. It is more difficult to get to know the members as you don’t serve them weekly like in the other restaurants. Pro’s: free buffet food, working with Flavio + Claudia the banquets managers who will go out of their way to help and support you (they’re both internationals so they understand how difficult things can be), free flowers which is always nice! Con’s: don’t expect holidays off and you will work late nights.

Blu restaurant is the fine dining restaurant in the main clubhouse. The operations behind service are very organised and the managers are very supportive so never be afraid to ask for help. The menu changes weekly but members will always have their favourites and special requests.

Marina cafe is the restaurant facing the pool and the Marina – hence the name – it is extremely busy and the members are very challenging!! It is a much more casual style of service.

The Fairways is the golf village restaurant. It is fine dining but with a casual family atmosphere.

The Card Rooms responsibilities consist of being the attendant and ensuring snacks are stocked up – there is no service as such. Although you’ll have the pleasure of working with Nyaka who is the manager for both the male and female card rooms.

For anyone with hospitality experience Admirals Cove can be a little more challenging – even for me when my experience is in VIP service and hotels. There are rules of speech, greetings and behaviour to be followed which does take time to get used to but it is a really valuable thing for later in your career. Americans do things a little different to home but you just need to learn to adapt! I even had to learn to change my accent and tone down the Glaswegian accent a little as no one could understand me, it’ll change slightly naturally with time due to picking up American phrases. The members are absolutely lovely and so are the managers. Just stay out of trouble and you’ll have an amazing time at Admirals Cove. It is an incredible club and is not to be taken advantage of this great opportunity at one of America’s top 2% of country clubs!!

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