New experiences

So I thought I should share some of my new experiences with you guys to let you know it’s not all just work and Netflix! Since living in Florida I’ve had new experiences from wee things like deep cleaning the kitchen, riding on a scooter and learning to live with other people to going salsa dancing and playing beer pong on the beach with locals.

Firstly I’m going to talk about the night life. Clematis street in West Palm Beach is the most popular place for young people to go as it’s the ‘strip’ filled with clubs, bars, shops, Starbucks and restaurants. Nico’s pizza is not to be missed after a night out! Roxy’s rooftop is the place to be on a Sunday with a chilled seating area overlooking West Palm Beach it’s a cool atmosphere or there’s a dance floor in the middle of the bar with a stage and DJ booth. Downstairs is Roxy’s Irish pub – if you’re Irish you’ll be disappointed but it’s a nice try! There is Pawn Shop if you are struggling with ID – we’ve all been there – then this is the place to be on the weekend! They often let girls in for free as well. If you don’t feel like clubbing then inbetween Roxy’s and Pawn Shop on Clematis Street is Duffy’s Sports Bar which is insane if there’s a Connor McGregor fight.

One of the amazing things about living and working with internationals is that you learn about different cultures. I live with Austrian girls who are trying to teach me German and one of my close friends here is Brazilian who taught me salsa! Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a dancer at all, but after some tequila I was having an absolute blast on the dance floor. There are a few South American restaurants/bars and salsa places in West Palm Beach.

Last night I went to Jumby Bay Island Grill for my friend’s birthday in Downtown Abacoa. They do great deals, on Wednesdays they have a flip a coin challenge for a free drink and the food was brilliant at decent prices. The bar and restaurant is Florida Keys themed so it’s a casual place with good dance music. Would definitely recommend. There was a beer brewery across the road with a bar which looked nice so I’ll let you know what it’s like once I’ve been!!

Another first experience was being robbed by the US Post Office!!! It cost me $72.00 to send a light weight parcel home for my cousin’s birthday back to Scotland – $22 for the box and tape alone. For Christmas I will be online shopping and have it delivered home instead. I’d 100% recommend this for any other internationals as I wish I’d knew this before I bought the presents.

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Floresta Apartments

Hi guys,

Thought I’d fill you all in with moving to Floresta apartments and how I’m feeling about life in Florida.

I moved to Floresta less than a week ago and I feel more settled here than I did living in Mira Flores for nearly two months. Floresta apartments is in Jupiter- 5 minutes away from Admirals Cove Country Club- with a Starbucks, Publix, Chinese takeaway, beauticians etc 2 minutes walking distance with a Walmart 5 minutes driving distance also. It’s a safer more family-oriented area with a better gym and pool area than the old apartment complex which is amazing!! I’ve even deep cleaned the kitchen and became house proud – something my friends and family would never have believed before!

I’ve also experienced my first American Halloween in Roxy’s rooftop bar – anyone working at a county club in Palm Beach county will hear of Roxy’s! I’m not a big Halloween fan but it was a good night and a laugh with the banquets + Austrian fam.

I feel like I’m finally loving my life in Florida. I have friends out with the other interns, I’ve learned to put on the Scottish charm – the accent gets you out of a lot of difficult situations especially with fussy members in work, and I love my banquets family. It’s hard work being in banquets: you’ll be physically and mentally exhausted at times but there’s great opportunity to make contacts and I couldn’t ask to work with a better team.

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I’ve always been an independent person but I finally feel like I’m ‘adulting’- people in their 20’s will understand… Moving internationally was a massive achievement for me, terrifying also but I couldn’t recommend it enough. Nothing good is ever going to come easy to you, it’s all about pushing yourself. At times I’ve asked myself what the hell am I doing here? Then you have to look at the bigger picture – your career, your life experiences and goals. The American Dream is real, it might be a little blurred right now but I’ve made friends who are living examples of the American Dream. To any interns like myself the biggest piece of advice I can give is to remember you’re only here for a year and to live it up as much as you.