My second month in Florida

So it’s coming up to the end of my second month living in Florida and I thought I’d write a little comparison blog post and share some of my new experiences with you guys.

All throughout my first month living here I was terribly homesick. I missed everything about Glasgow: the Pure Gym I was at, seeing similar faces, knowing the transport system, knowing the best restaurants/short cuts/and general way of life. Also not being able to legally drink over here was a big struggle for me. I’m a strong believer in ‘People Make Glasgow’, Glaswegians may laugh at it but when you’re taken out of the area it couldn’t be more accurate. Glaswegians are one of the friendliest people you’ll meet. However I’ve learned to realise that I’m so blessed to be living here in Palm Beach county and to be working at one of the top 2 country clubs in America and to fully take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Yeah it is scary but you’ll grow so much as a person and it is such an amazing learning experience.

This month I’ve settled so much more; I’ve made good friends with the new H-2B workers as there is a lot of them in the banquets department as well as with other J-1 interns and locals, I absolutely adore my work at Admirals Cove and I feel like I’m living my life in Florida as more of an individual now instead of just a ‘Butler kid’. We fortunately chose our own departments and I was placed in banquets and I can honestly say it was an absolute god send to work with such an amazing group of people who will be there for you professionally and outside of work because everyone 100% has your support and respect. Everyone is so happy to be working and I feel so blessed to be working in such an incredible environment.

To anyone looking to complete an internship on a J-1 visa like myself, or coming on a H-2B working visa: embrace it, be thankful and most importantly work hard. It is difficult at times but the reward and support you will receive is amazing. There is a lot of internationals so everyone is going through the same as you. Let’s face it I’m not going to have the opportunity to be working at a private party on a yacht worth over $3m in the Glasgow River Clyde am I? So network and build professional relationships and friendships and who knows what the future will hold.

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