My life in Florida so far

Hi everyone,

Sorry for my late post about beginning my life in Florida but that’s me after one month finally settled in after feeling homesick and I wanted to write the post once I was settled. I’ve been really homesick whereas no one else is yet.


I I moved into Mira Flores Apartment complex on the 3rd September with 5 others and love it – it still doesn’t feel like my first home away from my parents but it’ll sink in soon! Being an only child and never having to share a room it is difficult at times living with 5 others but to anyone in the same position- just remember they probably feel the same, everyone needs time alone and when it really matters your flatmates will be there for you. Whether that’s making you food when your drunk, giving you a hug or some well needed advice – they will be there for you. So you’re never alone ❤️

I began my Front Of House Internship as a J-1 BSG intern at Admirals Cove Country Club shortly after moving in to my apartment and to anyone working there in the future (for future BSG interns), the pictures on their website don’t do it justice. It is incredible. All the staff and members are so welcoming and wonderful. Two weeks of training is intense, I even started drinking coffee to get me through the day at times. But Kara does make it fun with games and a points system for prizes! A tip: study nightly!! There is an exam which you have to pass, as long as you study nightly and listen during training it will be easy. Training will tell you what is acceptable regarding hair and makeup- no fake eyelashes, fake nails, ‘dolled up’ makeup or messy buns. We’ve been fortunate as we’ve been able to pick our home departments within F&B, so I chose banquets as that’s where my experience and passion is and the opportunities you will be presented with are amazing. So far I have worked at a memorial and organised the storage for the season ahead but it’s only my first week in banquets. I also worked at a Friday night Bayside Grille dinner service which is the fine dining restaurant at Admirals Cove. I couldn’t recommend volunteering yourself for a shift whilst still in training enough. It put all our knowledge into practice, allowed us to meet the members, understand how Bayside Grille operates and build good working relationships with our colleagues. The person I was shadowing was an absolute pleasure to work with and even encouraged me to take orders and deal with tables myself when I was only there to shadow, clear plates and get sodas. My tip for anyone in the hospitality industry: smile, stay positive, drink coffee and stay professional even back of house. Hard work will pay off and the hospitality industry, especially events isn’t easy but it is rewarding.

I am finally adjusting to Florida life, I’m still a Glasgow girl at heart but America has so much to offer. If you have any questions please ask, I love to hear feedback!!

My next posts will be about Universal Studios and Fort Lauderdale.

The pictures below are: left – the harbour view from Upper Lounge, right – the J-1 BSG Interns for Admirals Cove 2016/2017.



Miami arrival

My American adventure began in Manchester for me – travelling down from Glasgow with my parents then the goodbyes. It hadn’t sunk in for me that I was leaving for a year – that part came later – so I wasn’t upset just excited!

We flew with Thomas Cook Airlines direct from Manchester to Miami which  took 9 hours and 20 minutes along with 2 hour delays and 3 hours waiting at immigration before being able to collect our baggage and enter US soil. We didn’t expect these delays at all and kept our airport transfer waiting for 4 hours – not cheap!! Advice for everyone please allow time for immigration queues and don’t drink too much on the flight. I can’t imagine immigration going too well after a few too many vodkas!

We arrived in Miami stressed and extremely jet lagged – something I’ve never experienced before. We arrived at our air bnb in Sunny Isles Beach and had a quiet night in and hit South Beach early the next day. Anyone looking to stay in a quiet area with cheap prices I would recommend the Intracoastal Yacht Club in Sunny Isles Beach which sleeps 6 comfortably and is very safe with gorgeous views to wake up to. I can 100% see why people would fall in love with Miami, 1 day just didn’t do it justice though. Travel tip for avid cocktail drinkers like myself: the average cocktail price is $15 in the tourist areas but you can find happy hour between 12am – 7pm. For a Glasgow girl used to £3 cocktails this came as a shock!!

We’ll definitely be back in Miami soon though: tips for anyone new to America like myself- don’t wear makeup during the day (in 32 degrees heat it’ll slide off!), try to get sleep unlike us as it does take its toll, and most importantly don’t take anymore than two suitcases out with you! It’s not worth the effort of carrying it around in the heat and the accommodation that Admirals Cove provided us with came with walk in wardrobes for all bedrooms but remember you have a room mate to share that storage with and they won’t thank you for taking up all the space!!

More to come on the American adventure about: Mira Flores Apartments, cultural changes and starting Admirals Cove Country Club in the next few weeks.